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January Events

Jan 6- Day of Prayer- no Sunday School
Jan 27- Fellowship Meal

Jan 27-29-
January Bible Study

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Day of Prayer
Sunday, Jan 6
Sunday, January 6, will be a long prayer meeting, the kick-start to a year of revival with a desperate pursuit of God in prayer and a desperate pursuit of holiness in our own personal lives. Try to spiritually prepare for this day before you come with some extra time in prayer that week, maybe take a day and fast, and ask God to search your heart fully as you are getting ready to corporately seek Him with your church family. There will be breaks in between prayer times with snacks, coffee and juice. We will pray through some different portions of Scripture in guided prayer time. We will spend 45 minutes in song, brief devotion, and prayer, and then take 15 minutes to break, fellowship, and share what God might have done in our lives during the prayer time. Pastor John strongly encourages everyone to be at every session.

Fellowship Meal!
Sun, Jan 27
Bring a side dish to share, the church will provide the meat, bread and drinks in this casual time preceding the start of January Bible Study.

January Bible Study!
Sun-Tue, Jan 27-29, 6:30-8:30 pm
John received messages from God for seven churches that existed in his day. These were real churches, each facing challenges that threatened their existence and effectiveness. By studying these letters, believers today can find encouragement and instruction for their church. The focus of this January Bible Study is to understand each church’s context of ministry, the challenges faced by that church, and the instructions given to that church. Today’s believers will be challenged to look for ways the lessons learned from these churches can be applied to their setting with the goal of strengthening and encouraging churches of today. Study guides will be available for $5 each starting in mid-January.