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May Events

May 6-13- Special Offering for the Rigsbys
May 12- Youth Stronghold Event

May 13-
Parent-Child Dedication
May 20- Missions Workshop
May 26- Homemade Worship for Young Adults
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Parent-Child Dedication
A Mother's Day tradition at Tabernacle! Parents with children two years old or less commit to raising their children in a Christian home and setting Christian examples. The church commits to helping these parents with love and encouragement.

Special Offering for the Rigsbys
The church family is encouraged to contribute to this annual offering for David and Karen Rigsby, who serve as English language teachers in China.

NNPS AP Testing in Fuller Hall
Tabernacle helps suppport Newport News Public Schools by providing space for AP testing for local students. testing occurs 7 am- 5 pm.

Youth Stronghold Event
Teens grades 6-12 are invited to this LARP event (live-action-role-playing) of sword fighting (foam swords) and fun. A signed permission slip is needed and there is a fee; contact the Church Office for more info.

Homemade Worship
Young adults are invited to an evening of worship, food and Bible study, every last Saturday of the month starting at 5 pm.