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Sunday School

Bible study groups meet on Sunday morning at 9:20 am. Adults are welcome to attend any adult class they choose. Feel free to sit in a few sessions and then try another until you find one you like!

Director - Rob Gourley

Meet in the Preschool area, security tags required. Uses Lifeway's The Gospel Project for Kids
Toddlers-Fives: Cathy Gourley, Pat Ward

Grades K-1- Pat Sasser and Gerri Hildebrand, downstairs in the Preschool suite and using Lifeway's The Gospel Project for Kids
Grades 2-5- Carol Hankins, meeting in room 201 and using Lifeway's The Gospel Project for Kids

Meeting in room 214 and uses Lifeway's Explore the Bible for Students
Grades 6-12- Ryan and Courtney Watkins

Co-Ed 40+- (multi-age adult) James Johnson, room 204 uses Lifeway's The Gospel Project for Adults
Chuck Smeltzer-
(multi-age adult) Wayne Wright, room 107, uses Lifeway's Bible Studies for Life
Upper Room Class (multi-age adult)- Scott & Janet Emry, room 211
Romans- (multi-age adult)- Todd Slaughter in room 203, studying the Book of John
3-H Men (senior adult men)-Jimmy Gunn, room 114, uses Lifeway's Explore the Bible
Agape (senior adult women)- Nancy Moore, room 115, uses Lifeway's Explore the Bible
Annie Moody (senior adult women)- Betty McCall, room 104, uses Lifeway's Explore the Bible

Adult classes (unless otherwise indicated) use Lifeway’s Explore the Bible series.

Co-Ed 30+ - Rob Gourley, Conference Room
Co-Ed 40+- Chris Beardsley, room 212 upstairs, using Through the Bible
Co-Ed 50+- Chuck Smeltzer, room 107
Fox Class (multi-age adult)- Peter & Kelly Fox, Fuller Hall
3-H Men- Boswell Williamson, room 114
Agape (women)- Louise Sears, Shirley Jones, room 115, using Through the Bible
Annie Moody (women)- Betty McCall, room 104
Disciples (men)- Jimmy Gunn, Prayer Room, right foyer of Sanctuary, using Through the Bible


Weekly Schedule

9:00 am- Refreshment time
9:20 am- Sunday School
10:30 am- Worship
Free lunch for Global Hunger Relief!
6:00 pm- Rev. Peter Fox Bible study

6:15 pm- Bible study for adults in the Choir Room;
...............Youth (grades 6-12) Connect in room 214;
...............Children (grades K-5) Kidsjam in room 205

Latest News

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    Oct 5-7- Youth Warrior Weekend
    Oct 14- Global Hunger Awareness Day

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